Welcome back for my final Orruk blog post! This time I want to focus on the heroes of my green tide.

The first Orruk I painted for Age of Sigmar was the Ironjawz Megaboss. When it was released, Games Workshop started their series of monthly painting competitions on Facebook, so I bought this model to submit.

Another update on my Assault Squad. Slowest squad reworking ever. But I hardly find time to paint at the moment. Nevertheless, I'll grind through, only one more model after this batch. The two models with the flamethrowers are almost complete (apart from bases and transfers), while the Sergeant is about half-way done. Fun fact: It's probably the first plasma pistol I paint in almost 20 years of hobbying #just8theditionthings. How are your projects coming along?

Hi all! The newest model for my Death Guard Armies on Parade project is this "easy to build" Plague Marine. I tried an alternate colour scheme mainly using spray cans from GW and some washes (of course there were some details to pick out, too). The model is much darker then the ones I painted before. I wanted to show that there is a variety of colours within the Death Guard, depending on how far the individual rotting has come along.

What do think about this colour scheme? Let me know in the comment section...

Hi guys, Lecoqadoodledo back with a miniature I worked on recently between a few other projects I’ve been prepping. I painted this Wight King as a gift for fellow Tale of Painters guest blogger FruitBear, and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I got to try out a couple of new things on this one, and refine some other techniques.

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